It Sucks being hurt

I got hurt again last night at work. This year it’s the right hand, last year it was the left (the one that I write with). The diagnosis for now is Bone Contusion but if I experience anymore pain at the base of my thumb in a week I’m supposed to go have another X-Ray done by my doctor to see if there is a potential acute fracture in my wrist somewhere. I promise to go into more detail later….it’s kind of hard to do much with this big bulky splint on my hand….What’s worse, is I mouse right handed.


2 responses to “It Sucks being hurt

  1. Keeper of the Skies Wife

    Geez girl….I hope everything is OK with your hand!!!

    How did you change the comments…to where it says friends….? I can’t figure that out!

  2. Frustrating! I hope you heal up quickly.

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