Happy Trails Hans – Repost from old WordPress blog

I’m a BIG fan of Die Hard and Live Free or Die Hard. Die Hard was on TV last night and I was EXTREMELY pissed off that I had to go to work. The upside to going to work is I’m making money….the downside is I miss out on all the “good” movies that are on during the weekends.

So back to Die Hard and Live free or Die Hard….They are a couple of my favorites because yet again good triumphs over evil. Though I’m usually not a very big fan of “blood, guts and gore” movies I do enjoy these two movies a lot. There is plenty more going on besides all the “blood, guts and gore” to keep me amused for 2 hours…There is a little bit of humor to keep things interesting and there is more than enough pyro (have I mentioned that I come from a long line of Pyromaniacs?) to offset the “icky” stuff. Ok, and there is some “foul” language as well but even I can over look that.
Doesn’t Bruce look good for being 52?! Any way…..Here are some of my ALL TIME favorite quotes from these movies:

Matt Farrell: You just killed a helicopter with a car!
John McClane: I was out of bullets.
Live Free or Die Hard
(Hans)So who are you then? Just another american who watched too many movies as a child. Another guy who thinks he’s John Wayne, Rambo?
(McClane)I was always kinda partial to Roy Rogers actually, really liked those sequined shirts.(Hans)Do you really think you have a chance against us, Mr. Cowboy.
(McClane)Yippee kay yay mother fucker.
Die Hard

-This time John Wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace Kelly.
-That was Gary Cooper, asshole.
Die Hard

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