I’ve survived!

I survived pretty much unscathed the extraction of my wisdom teeth. Looking a little chipmunky right now and I talk real funny but their out and I’m actually feeling pretty good. The IV needle wasn’t even that bad either….I was really worried about that part….more so than the rest of it.


3 responses to “I’ve survived!

  1. I remember when I had my wisdom teeth pulled I was in high school. I vaguely remember asking the nurse if I could take them home in a jar and as I was coming off of the very strong sedative they put me on, I thought that the picture of the tube of toothpaste and toothbrush were talking to me. It was totally wild and scary at the same time. I kept slurring my speech for obvious reasons, and that only made it a little more hysterical.

  2. I’m glad you came through it ok and hope you’re feeling less chipmunky real soon!

  3. Yay!!! Im glad to hear that!

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