Is it wrong….

That I’m jealous of Ree over at The Pioneer Woman? I LOVE her webpage and wish I had one like it too. I know there’s a whole lot of marketing stuff that went into making her webpage the way it is today but I’m still jealous. Is it sad that I’ve considered e-mailing her and asking the secret to her success? Now that I’ve put that out there lets move on….

I went out and purchased a crap ton (in layman’s terms, LOTS) of yarn to start working on knitting gifts for next Christmas already. I can hardly wait to start on my next project! But first I have to finish my scarf and get pictures of it posted so you all can see it. I SO have to get better about finishing one project before I start another…..I am SO bad at that right now.

I find this pretty unusual….Usually I watch A LOT of TV/Movies but in the last week I’ve watched MAYBE 2 or 3 hours TOTAL. I’ve been doing A LOT of knitting and blogging in that time. Since I’m not really going anywhere for a while with the current state that my vehicle is in I guess it only makes sense…But I still find it odd.

Can anyone tell me why Blogger felt the need to “eat” both of my blog lists? That does NOT make me happy! I’ve got a couple added back in but I MUST get something other than blogging done today, so I’ll probably be working on it over the next couple of days, so please bear with me.

Well I think that’s pretty much it for now at least.



2 responses to “Is it wrong….

  1. hi there. thanks for stopping by my blog and for all your sweet comments! i see you are also following me now…weeeee! i love new bloggy friends!

    blogger dumped many of the readers i was following for now good reason. i have no idea how to get them back. my google reader was on overload too after taking a little bloggy break. i have resolved that in 2009 i can only visit the people who visit me. it makes the most sense…i figure the ones who aren’t stopping by are the ones who will understand the most that i just don’t have the time either. LIFE…it’s about living!!

  2. I think success can be measured in these terms…are you happy? I often wonder how a blog writer/owner can really keep up singularly with hundreds of comments…

    I like “knowing” in a closer sense who I am talking to (commenting to)…but agreed…she has a following…and she has a definite style…

    Still…dont sell yourself short!

    Oh the blog follower … is AWFUL…apparently it is LIMITED…some math equation…I hate it!!!

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