Smiley Face at Wally World

This lady was in the checkout line at the local Wal-Mart in Beautiful Downtown Porter, TX. Her hubby was with her and apparently either didn’t notice or is just plain evil and didn’t tell her about her fashion faux-pas. Wonder if he was pridefully puffed up at all the attention her junk in the trunk was getting or if he just figured he’dget even with her for something or other. Brings new meaning to What Not To Wear – but Be Happy!!! Thought y’all would like a giggle – – -Wonder if that’s her standard “go to Wal-Mart underwear”???


11 responses to “Smiley Face at Wally World

  1. Queenie Jeannie

    Oh that is priceless!!!

    Did you just re-do your blog? It looks fabulous!!!

    Do you like Pampered Chef?? I’m having an online party – email me for an invitation!!!

  2. The Wife O Riley

    That, right there is the reason I love Walmart. Hours of entertainment!

  3. Dude, that man was smart. Had he said something whatcha wanna bet she’d kick his ass? Husbands tend to know when to just shut up and get over it. It keeps them alive.

  4. OMG! Did you tell her to go over to the lingerie section and pick up a slip?

  5. Hahahaha! That is hilarious!

  6. The W.O.W. factor

    Oh My! That’s too funny! But, you know, it’s amazing what people wear in public these days!

  7. Oh, no, you didn’t?! I can’t believe you took a photo. HILARIOUS. You go girl!! LOVE it. Bad outfit.

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  9. Oh no! my guy would be hanging from the window if he didnt give me the heads Hey and I got my layout from a website that does free blog layouts.

  10. lol lol thank you for a kick in the butt kind of a laugh lol…

  11. Oh no – poor thing!!!

    How ironic is that? Smiley face undies at Walmart! Hahaha!

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