You’ll notice that the name of this blog has changed. The original name of my blog was Bumps In The Road: A Country Girl Trapped In Yuppie “Hell” when I started blogging….way back when and I’ve decided that I’m going to “rock it Old School” in bloggy land from now on. Tomorrow I have a post scheduled that explains my nickname and why I temporarily stopped using it but now I’m back and ready to take on the blogging world.



6 responses to “NAME CHANGE!

  1. Keeper of the Skies Wife

    Great name….I thought I was on the wrong blog for a moment.

  2. Had me confused but I’m up to speed now!

    The Texas Woman

  3. Hula's Secret Blog

    Love it!

  4. Hula's Secret Blog

    PS about to ‘tag’ you on my blog

  5. The Wife O Riley

    Love the name! Way to rock it old school!

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