Dear Beef Council

Dear Beef Council,

You suck and must be punished! To say that I am a little bit upset about your choice for your spokesman is a vast understatement. I happen to enjoy very much the deep gravely voice of Sam Elliot. Every time I hear him say “Beef it’s what’s for dinner” I start jonesing a steak.

This video is from the movie Ghost Rider…Which I would have seen sooner had I known Sam Elliot was in it.

Now I hear that you have resorted to selling “sex” in order to get people to eat beef. Now I have nothing against Matthew McConaughey but personally I think he’s better suited to be “beefcake” rather than the “beef man.” You have to admit that I am on to something with this especially after seeing this commerical!


The commerical for Dolce and Gabbana’s fragrance – The One

I must end this letter now. I must go empty my drowl cup and possibly watch We Are Marshall and/or Ghost Rider and drowl some more.


A disgruntled beef eater

P.S. I HATE you Beef Council!


93 responses to “Dear Beef Council

  1. Um, I didn’t click to see the ad, but I think a shirtless man selling beef is really . . . ewwww.

  2. He is a beefcake but that’s a pretty low blow to beef everywhere!

  3. EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW! Who wants a greasey haired, yoga doin’, surfer boy talking about beef?

  4. Oops! I mean greasy.

  5. The Wife O Riley

    Everytime I hear one of those commercials all I can think of is his character in “Dazed and Confused”

  6. LOL totally cracked me up!

  7. Haha, you are hilarious! Whhooo, what a GREAT way to start my morning, hehe 😉

  8. That is funny, but I am glad to know I am not the only one that loves Sam Elliot’s voice!

  9. They put WHO selling beef? Ugh. I love the way you put this!!! Happy SITS day!!

  10. LOL Thanks for the laugh! Happy SITS day!

  11. I really am a fan of Matthew McConaughey, but I agree that he doesn’t really fit the cowboy / steak spokesperson mold. Sam Elliot is definitely the more appropriate choice!

  12. You are 2 funy! Happy Sits day!

  13. Is there a separate beefcake council or are they a division of the Beef Council? Hmmmmm

    Happy SITS day! 🙂

  14. I agree.

    Surfer =/= Beef Man.

    Beef Council FAIL.

  15. I loved the “Beef: It’s what’s for dinner” ads – and you’re right, Sam Elliott’s voice was perfect. Shame on you, Beef Council. Boo! 🙂

  16. HA! you are too funny!

    Enjoy your SITSday!

  17. HA! I heart Sam too!! And I think that they must have picked Matt knowing his annual consumption of wacky tabackie and how that leads to a pelethra of MUNCHIE runs… give him the beef.. he’ll like it…he eats anything!

    Happy SITS day.. enjoy, it’s a blast! “SITS, it’s whats for coctail time”…I feel a slogan comming on;0}

  18. yes, I hafta agree with you. “Beef–it’s what for dinner” from Sam Elliot had my mouth watering, too. too bad.

  19. I would have thought Matthew was a vegetarian… hmmm

  20. I agree. Sam Elliott is perfect for those beef commercials.

  21. Sam Elliot is so sexy. Matthew is too though. It’s all in that Southern accent. Delicious!

  22. Too funny! =) Happy SITS Day! =)

  23. I just don’t think of “beef” when I see MattM … I think pasta. I have no idea why.

  24. I definitely don’t think of beef when i see Matthew. Oh well… i guess they will learn the hard way!
    Great blog!
    Happy SITS day!

  25. are funny.

  26. I’m not sure what to say.

    Matthew M. I don’t hate him… but I agree that his image doesn’t scream beef.

  27. Happy SITS Day!

  28. It depends on what type of “beef” you want to have for dinner… 🙂 Happy Sits Day.

  29. I would have to disagree with you about Matthew…I think he’s hot and the majority of the reason I think that is because of his voice! 🙂 I enjoyed visiting your blog this morning!

  30. Matthew and beef? I think it would be too … sandy, KWIM?

    Maybe they’re going for the surf ‘n turf angle 🙂

  31. more eye candy, yum…

    Jamie 🙂

  32. I don’t remember the last time I saw the “Beef, it’s whats for dinner” commercial, but honestly, Matthew McConaughey? Did they really need to stoop so low? I mean he is just grody!

  33. ugh GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I have to disagree, though I love Sam Elliot, I think Matthew’s good ol’ boy southern drawl is perfect for beef. I listened to him describe how to grill a whole chicken with a bottle of beer once…mmmmmmm…have to go daydream now 🙂

    Happys sits!

  35. I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if good ole’ Matt eats Tofu Burgers instead of the real thing!

  36. Oh, I completely agree. I swear if I could get Sam Elliot all to myself for just a little tiny bit, I don’t care if he read a grocery list – I just want to hear his voice!! Also agreed about MM. Really??? Blech.

  37. haha..totally agree!!

  38. How sad. Sam was perfect for the Beef commercial!

  39. I understand that Matthew has bad BO….that would turn me off of beef for sure. Stick with Sam!

  40. I agree! Can’t we sign a petition to get Sam back??!!

  41. awww but he is from Texas…

  42. well matthew IS from texas. 😉

  43. Hmmm…I haven’t seen the commercial but I’m sure you are right. MM just doesn’t fit the bill. What a fun blogger you are!

  44. LOL! The Beef Council really should have checked with you first! 🙂 Enjoy your day as FB!

  45. Absolutely, Sam is better for beef than matthew is. Matthew is just too corny. I don’t get it.

  46. I agree. Sam Elliot=Beef. Matthew, while darling and from Texas, is better suited for mommy’s daydream fodder. *uh, Matthew, you missed a spot*

  47. Ha ha ha ha ha

    Happy SITS Day!

  48. I love Matthew but you are so right, him plus beef equals creepy.

  49. Matthew vs Sam? Ah, my choice is obvious… I will eat the beef from Matthew’s naked chest,…. Matthew can sell me anything as long as he is half naked!

  50. I agree. Beefcake does not equal quality BEEF!! Haha!

  51. Nothing wrong with starting my day with a little Matthew..thanks! Happy SITS day!

  52. I like to look at MM – don’t get me wrong. I do have to admit I agree with you on this issue. Sam Elliot is a far better choice.

  53. Matthew M is cute and charming, but he’s admitted frequently that he doesn’t believe in deodorant. I don’t care how often you shower, I do NOT want to smell your pits – ew!

    I’d take Sam Elliott over him any day!

  54. Hmmm. I may not be the best person to ask about this one… Vegetarian. Please don’t hold it against me, fellow SITSer. But TOTALLY agree that Sam Elliot would be far closer to selling me a steak than Matthew McConaughy… And I’m 24!

  55. Funny, funny! Happy SITS Day!

  56. I agree it should be someone with a better suited “cowboy” look. Although i enjoyed the Matthew video very much…


  57. they are both hot!

    stopping by from SITS!

  58. I think I have read and commented on this post before, but it was just as funny the second time around! I also agree!

  59. Hahha, you’re right!! That commercial was pretty hot, but I agree… don’t see him as the face of beef!! LOL


  60. Now I admit they should have stuck with Sam Elliot. But, I don’t mind Matthew’s voice either. He can sweet talk me thru dinner at any time. Yeah.

  61. *shakes fist at beef council!**

  62. I kinda like Matthew’s southern drawl. But, again, an SoCal urbanite … anything in a southern accent would work for me.
    Happy SITSa day!

  63. Happy Sits Day!

  64. Okay, TWO Sam Elliott posts in a row for SITs Day? Are you trying to KILL me, woman?

    (And fwiw, Matty isn’t fit to carry Sam’s spurs.)

    But, I could definitely go for a steak…

  65. Does MM even eat meat? He seems like a Vegan Cali boy. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that, but he just doesn’t SCREAM beef to me like others might.

  66. Sam Elliott definitely has a much more “cowboyish voice” and just the western feel to the commercials…..does that make sense? Happy SITS day!

  67. So here’s a funny Matthew McConaughey story:

    We live about a mile down the road (in Austin, TX) from a neighborhood where MM was looking to buy a small ranch. When word got out that he was a potential buyer, all of the neighbors threw a fit…they didn’t want him for a neighbor. So, poor MM withdrew!

  68. I’m with WhiteSockGirl…that cologne commercial is uber chessy, but Matthew is still smokin!!

  69. Either of them is better than Padma Lakshmi for Hardee’s, slobbering all over that burger. Blech.

    Happy SITS day!

  70. Sassy Stephanie

    I can see Matt selling lettuce and squash before selling beef.

  71. Matthew M could sell some surfboards, but other than that…

  72. Yeah… that’s just the wrong way for beef to go. I’m sorry you have to search for your Sam Elliott elsewhere now….

  73. LOL! That was funny stuff!!!

  74. At this point all I’m thinking is that Chik-fil-a definitely got more for their ad budget dollars than the beef council did 🙂

  75. I guess they’re trying to compete with sexy PETA ads?

  76. I agree with you. Although I do love his southern accent.

  77. LOVE the letter! You are too funny! I can’t wait to check out more of your blog!

  78. Wow. You really take your love for Sam Elliot seriously!

    It’s ok, I feel the same way about Nicholas Sparks!

  79. LOL yeah… he’s more of the Veggie Burger Boy! Is he seriously doing beef commercials? Well, I hope they give him a cowboy hat, a horse and a pair of chaps at least!

    Happy SITS day!

  80. Happy SITS Day! Love your blog:)

  81. McConaughey and beef don’t mix.
    Cool post!
    Happy SITS day!

  82. I see it’s been said already, but I would have pegged Matthew McConaughey as a vegetarian. Maybe it’s the greatest move by the beef council ever…”Look! We converted a veggie!”

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