Another "bomb" dropped

Yesterday my friend and traveling partner Ashley dropped a super huge bomb on me….She’s planning on moving to Texas this summer. I have no idea what I’m going to do without her if she does move all that way.

Don’t forget to vote on my poll in the sidebar….I soooo want your input on this subject matter.


10 responses to “Another "bomb" dropped

  1. Put in for a transfer and move with her. Texas has a boatload of Targets. We practically live in ours. My next door neighbor’s son works a one and he said that they are having major problems finding employees, apparently no one can pass the drug screen. I don’t even want to know…
    Oh and I don’t know where in TX she’s moving but we don’t get snow here. Not anything tangible at least.
    PS, I tagged you over on my blog, go find that one pic!

  2. I was also going to say move to tx too! but I do realize thats a pretty huge decision.

  3. Let me know if she moves anyway near Bryan. And is she single? I have two single sons!

    The Texas Woman

  4. Now you gotta get a girl getaway in there first!

  5. Oh yeah I forgot to mention. Did you know that we had PBR here last week? Apparently we’re on their regular route. Entrance was, get this, $3. If you lived down here you wouldn’t even have to save up to go see the boys!

  6. The Blonde Duck

    I voted and I just tied you! Sorry!

  7. That sucks. I know exactly how you feel. All my friends moved to Atlanta at one point…..maybe they were trying to tell me something. Any way I was bored so I went back to school with all the free time I had. And I made some new friends there.

  8. That sucks! If you haven’t already, sign up for facebook and you two can keep in touch!

  9. The Wife O Riley

    Do you know how many cowboys are in Texas???!!!! You can’t throw a stick without hitting one! Just sayin’

  10. How sad I would be if my BF were to move away. I would be completely lost. There is nothing like having someone (besides your husband) that you know you can count on through thick or thin 24/7. You need to go on a girls trip! Make it a yearly event. It will take some work, on both your parts, but the memories, friendship, and love is well worth it!

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