Wet dog

I took the dog for a walk this morning because it’s actually kinda nice here in Wisconsin today…Supposed to be close to 50 I heard on the way home from work. And now all I smell is wet dog because the snow has been melting and the sidewalks are all wet and puddley (oh yeah, I just made up a word….GO ME!).



13 responses to “Wet dog

  1. I like your new word.

    I loathe the smell of wet dog.

  2. Its like 50 here too.. I took both kids with me during errands today!!

  3. The Wife O Riley

    Puddley, I love it. It’s basically the only way to describe it here too. But I would rather see that than the snow and freezing temps.

  4. Puddley. Yeah. That’s good. I think we should all use it from now on.

  5. Wet dog. Now that’s a distinctive smell!

  6. I actually got out for a walk today too w/ the dogs. The sun even shone for a minute!

  7. Hula's Secret Blog

    I hope your doggy is ok 😦
    seizures are so scary.

  8. There’s nothing like the smell of wet dog….!!!

  9. eeww I do not like wet dog smell! I came over via your comment to update you on my side bar. You are going to be here awhile aren’t you Bitr?

  10. I love making up new words! Throw a ‘y’ on the end of any word, and voila, new word. This, however, is up for debate when I’m playing word games with my friends. They’re word nazis!

  11. Hope you enjoyed your nice weather, it sure would be a welcome change.

  12. Us wisconsonites have to take advantage of every time that the weather is good!! Which is not very often!!! Yeah for weather above 30!!!

  13. I make up words all the time–such as wuffles and Sweet Wounded Wuffles!

    I moved to a new site! Check it out: http://www.aduckinherpond.com.

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