How PBR bucking bull Chicken on a Chain got his name

Jeff Robinson tells the story best:
“Well, he was raised in North Georgia, where, at that point in time, seven to eight years ago, there were lots of people who had fighting roosters… anyway, there’s all kinds of people that raise these fighting roosters, and they’ll have them in their backyard or whatever, and they’ll have them staked out. They’ll have a little chain around their leg and stake those chickens out in a little pen. And he got out and got one of those roosters caught on his leg, so he drug this chicken around the yard for three or four days before they caught him.”
And on that day, the legend was born: Chicken on a Chain.
NOTE: “Chicken” had jumped the fence and was trying to fly the coop.

6 responses to “How PBR bucking bull Chicken on a Chain got his name

  1. Too funny. I had a dog stepped on by a cow. I should have called that cow “Dog on the Hoof”!

    The Texas Woman

  2. If only I had a story that cool behind my name…

  3. The Wife O Riley

    Very funny! I can just imagine chasing that bull around to get the chicken off.

  4. chick fila

  5. Interesting, those bulls always have the coolest names!

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