These are my Stitches – Caution: Naughty word

This is the original bandage.

These are the actual stitches themselves. There are 3 of them. This photo was taken before the bandages that I used to cover them up irritated the FUCK out of my skin.

Oh and here is the band aid before the skin irritating started.


9 responses to “These are my Stitches – Caution: Naughty word

  1. Alot of people are allergic to the band aid goo!

  2. I hope that heals up quickly. When do you get the stitches out?

  3. I get the stitches out on the 26th. I’m hoping to hear back from the doctor in the next couple of days. The waiting is driving me NUTS!

  4. Oh we are all allergic to band aids here in my house. We have to get the fabric kind, the goo in them (or maybe the lack of plastic/latex who knows) turns our skin to instant oozing blisters. It’s NASTY. Go for the fabric kind, they work.

  5. Ooohhh, you said my favorite word! Now why isn’t that word more acceptable?

    The Texas Woman

  6. The Wife O Riley

    Oh, I’m sorry about the bandage, maybe you can just cover it with some gauze?

  7. That does not look fun!

  8. Fun fun fun. I’m glad I didn’t have that issue with my recent ummm stitches incident. Although for a smaller wound I got four stitches — maybe because it was my thumb? Here’s hoping they get back to normal soon!

  9. No fun. Hope your leg gets all better soon! ;o)

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