Some pretty neat "frugal" living links

I found a new “frugal” living blog today called Wisebread and I thought that I would share a few of the articles with you that really stood out to me. Here we go:

Beware of Pretty Things: 4 reasons why I’m keeping my ugly old stuff ~ New isn’t always better.

Top 6 Reasons Why Using Cash-only Rocks ~ I’m actually going to give this a try….My debit card isn’t always my best friend.

Tips and Tricks to Eating Healthy on a Budget

6 Ways that Dieting and Budgeting are exactly the same

The Piggy Bank: A Secret to simple Saving


2 responses to “Some pretty neat "frugal" living links

  1. Hey, I love your monkeys. I am going to take a look at these. I am always trying to find a way to make the dollars stretch.

  2. Thanks for the links woman!

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