So Twilight was released on Saturday….That was pretty exciting. When I got off of work Saturday morning and ran over to Walmart to pick up a couple of essentials….There weren’t very many copies of the movie left in ANY format. When I got to work Saturday night we had exactly 1 copy of the movie in Blue-ray disc format. I can hardly wait to watch this movie! I’ve been re-reading Twilight the past few days and everybody at work has been giving me crap about “sparkly vampires.”


8 responses to “Twilight!

  1. I was so stoked for the movie. I read all the books in like one month.. though I felt like I was cheating on Harry Potter! I have to say though that the flick wasn’t the best in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong Edward is hot.. but there were so many changes from the book I just sent half the movie saying things like “That so didn’t happen” to the TV screen! Not that I’ll not watch it 20 more times.. looser that I am!

    thanks for stopping my The Nuggets on my big FB day!

  2. Did you receive the one we sent you yet?

  3. The Wife O Riley

    I saw it in the theaters, but I think I enjoyed it more this time.

  4. We found it at Wal Mart on Saturday. Our oldest daughter is not completely in heaven!

  5. Keeper of the Skies Wife

    I’ve watched it twice this weekend!!! Go sparkly vampires!!

  6. I still haven’t read it or seen it 😦 I was going to rent it, but of course there are none to be rented. Oh well, one of these days I’ll get around to it. Glad you got your copy :).

  7. Thank goodness for Walmart. 🙂

  8. Twilight is great entertainment! We bought the dvx version a few weeks ago.

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