Looking for Guest Bloggers

I found and participated in this idea over at Juls blog. I am looking for guest bloggers for Saturdays and possibly Sundays here on my blog. We’re going into one of our busiest “seasons” at work besides Christmas and all the sleep I can get is a good thing. Topic is up to you just as long as it’s appropriate. If you would like to be a guest blogger either leave me a comment here or email me (I would just like to add, that if I can’t respond directly to your comment I would totally love it if you would e-mail me or leave an e-mail address in your comment please…Makes setting up day soooo much easier.) at jamiehanna84@gmail.com and I’ll add you to my schedule.




3 responses to “Looking for Guest Bloggers

  1. Sounds fun, I’m game! Crazeescotts@msn.com

  2. The Blonde Duck

    Sure! I can send you a story! Is it all the time or every once in a while?

  3. So, the pre-summer season is just as busy as Christmas? Is that it? So maybe it isn’t Christmas. Maybe it’s just the major season changes that get people spending money?

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