True to Life part 2

I pretty much feel like I’m a prisoner to Ms. Laci. When we adopted her she pretty much decided that I was her person and she’s bonded with me pretty tightly (if she could go everywhere…and I mean EVERYWHERE…with me she would) to the point that if I leave to go anywhere there are days that she will sit at the front door and howl until I return.

I’ve been trying to lose some weight on and off for a long time now. Since my Dr. appointment on April 1 where my dr. gave me some really great advice on things I can do to aid in my weight loss I’m down 5.8 pounds. I’ve decided that my goal weight is 140….I started at 161.3 pounds so I’m well on my way.

I took Ms. Laci to the vet to get her shots updated and our vet has officially put her on a diet. In the almost 2 months since her last visit to the vet she’s gained almost another 2 pounds….putting her close to 28 pounds. Our vet says she could stand to lose at least 4 pounds. So Ms. Laci and I are both dieting right now.

As kind of a stress reliever I’ve been doing a lot of reading, walking and I just recently took up knitting again. I had kind of taken a little bit of a breather from knitting to work on some other projects to but the opportunity arose to try a new knitting challenge….A baby Afghan. One of my co-workers found out that she’s having a baby in November and I thought I’d knit her and her husband an afghan.

to be continued….


4 responses to “True to Life part 2

  1. Good job on your weight loss! Do you have any secrets to share with me? I really need to get back in shape. Oh and my dog went to vets monday and is 16 pounds overweight…

  2. Keeper of the Skies Wife

    and like yaya…share it with me, too!!! I have been struggling this year as well. I actually have gained instead of lost! ARG…

  3. Time to walk that dog! And I don’t just mean around the block. I am needing to lose about 20lbs so every night I take my neurosis dog (who has a lot of pent up energy) for a long long power walk. He so wacko that I can walk hella late a night and I don’t have to worry about anyone coming up to us, he’d just kill them. Good luck!

  4. I think it is nice that you can have a diet partner, even if it is your dog. I bet the walking helps you both too. I always find walking to be so relaxing, at least while I am doing it!

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