True to Life part 3

I feel sort of out of place here in the blogging world. A lot of the blogs that I visit or have visited via my comment support group SITS seem to be more “mommy” blogs. Sometimes I feel that when I comment on a “mommy” blog that when they come to visit my blog and find out that my blog isn’t a “mommy” blog they don’t leave comments. I’m not knocking “mommy” bloggers….Hey that’s totally AWESOME to blog about your kiddo’s….I just feel left out, cause I’m not a mommy.

Have I mentioned that I hate feeling like it’s me against the world? If I haven’t I do….A LOT. Right now….It seems that the world is winning instead of me…I hate that even more.

Have I mentioned that I’m jealous of my mom’s new DSLR camera? I want one too…Just can’t afford it.

Have I mentioned that I love blogging about my “problems?” It’s definately cheaper than therapy.

to be continued…..


13 responses to “True to Life part 3

  1. well I am a mommy…and I still love your blog..and I LOVE when I see your eye has left me a comment..Opps..I mean you have left me a comment. So come on..pop over and leave me one..
    I have been venting

  2. Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage

    Diversity makes the world go round! I love your blog — mommy or not. We don’t wanna wear mommy jeans all the time!

  3. Biscuits and Belly Rubs

    I enjoy reading your blog. I’m a mommy and I comment. Hope that helps!

  4. Cheaper than therapy, and I think that is one of the reasons even mommy-bloggers blog.

    The DSLR cameras are fantastic. We have a cannon rebel DSLR. The price has come down quite a bit and I think they might have them at SAMS club for around 650. Which is still not pocket change BUT you would have it and use it for at least a decade. Maybe longer.

    I’m sorry you are feeling so low lately. The weather ought to change soon and I hope that more sunshine helps.

    I like diversity in blogs too. I think I just like real people. People with good days and bad days and good ideas and who appreciate good ideas. The most fun part of blogging is the constant reminder that other interesting, talented REAL people exist in the world. It gets me outside of myself a bit and that is great therapy for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope your day is better today.

  5. Mommy or not… you have a great blog! : )

  6. Hey Hey Hey… I am NOT a mommy. I know how you feel…. I felt like that when I started noticing there were other bloggers out there. I felt so left out… like I couldn’t relate… but I’ve found some people who aren’t mommies. I love the mommies, but I love those single people too. You have a great blog (wish you would write more often!!) and you can count me in as one of your not-a-mommy blog friend. And keep loooking… there ARE bloggers out there who aren’t mommies… come check out my blog list, I know there are several on there… like the Life of the Weltz family… Married but no children… Do I have anything to say? single and no kids… I know theres a gal that lives in UK who doesn’t have children but I cannot remember her blog name off the top of my head.. married no children…

  7. I like running across all kinds of blogs. I’m a mom, but I don’t really blog much about the kids. Does that make me a mommy blogger, or not?

    As far as the camera, I understand your jealousy. I just got a DSLR for Christmas. unfortunately, it’s had to go into the shop once already and I think it’s going to have to go back. It doesn’t always want to auto focus. I hate the thought of being without it again.

  8. I don’t read mommy blogs. My kids are grown so MBs don’t interest me. I DO read your blog. Had the potato microwaved thingy again today. Just as good as the first time!

    The Texas Woman

  9. The Wife O Riley

    I’m a mom, but I don’t think I’m a mommy blogger. Maybe it’s the pinup girls?

  10. I know what you mean about the bloggers… I think the average blogger is probably late 20s to late 30s with a couple of kids. We’re just a minority!!

    Since I was let go from my job, I’ve had A LOT of ‘the world is against me’ days. They are no fun!

  11. aww I feel totally the same way I don’t seem to be getting much in the way of comments and I’m not a mommy blogger either were a lot similiar in a lot of ways , I am kinda new to the blog world and finding it hard to find people intrested enough to read about me lol
    When I read your posts I found myself thinking me too ! the whole time so You now have me as a follower ๐Ÿ™‚ I too have that world against me feeling sometimes so your not alone there sister , the DSRL camera’s are amazing my friend is photographer and her pictures are just stunning she does shoots of her girls in my tutus from time to time and I am so jealous of the pictures they are just amazing Wish I knew how to take photos half as good , I really want to buy one !

  12. City girl turned Country Girl

    Hey there, I am catching up on the posts. I love your blog!!! And you know I’m a mommy, but it’s great to read your blog because of who you are!!! Not your mommy status!! So I will continue to follow along even in my mommy shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. That’s interesting that you find mommy bloggers who visit you but don’t comment. I feel like I’m a mommy blogger — although I’ve been told by a couple friends that they don’t consider me to be one — but I read blogs because they entertain me, not because someone is or isn’t a mommy. Of course I’m also five days behind in my reading, but so what ๐Ÿ˜‰

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