Batman….We have a problem!

Robin’s down! According to my father, our patio door is a bird killer. The other day he was sitting in our living room watching tv when he heard a “THUD THUD” against our patio door and this is what he found.
Does it make me a “bad” person that I’m posting about the untimely death of Robin? I can’t really decide.

16 responses to “Batman….We have a problem!

  1. Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage

    That’s kinda sad — but I don’t think it makes ya a bad person!

  2. im sorry but im ROFLMAO!!

  3. The Wife O Riley

    You’re not a bad person!! It was probably trying to get in to rob you.

    The Art Institute of Chicago has pictures of owls on the outside of the windows because it keeps the birds from knocking their little heads into the glass.

  4. i just remembered that i lived in a condo years ago that had these high huge windows. it had imprints of birds trying to fly through it all over it. Your not a bad person. Perhaps I am cuz i laughed at that picture AGAIN. we have a pigeon problem in our neighborhood, so havent been a big bird fan lately. but that is a pretty robin.. poor robin.. snigger.

  5. Keeper of the Skies Wife

    Awww….that’s really sad…

  6. WAHHHHH!!

  7. …..It is sad, but we have birds that meet their doom thanks to our many windows and a sliding glass door in the living room…so I can relate….

    Actually I chuckled on this one. Sorry, I love all birds…I really do, but you’re very clever.. “batman we have a problem..” Hee hee

  8. That’s the saddest picture I’ve ever seen! Poor Robin!

  9. Nope! This makes you a true blogger. EVERYTHING is blog fodder, including dead birds.

  10. Hey I killed a momma deer today with my car that was pregnant with two babies. I thing your clean sliding glass door killing a robin is probably not that bad of a thins.

  11. It’s a a great post title! Nope. You are NOT a bad person. It’s quite an interesting phenomenon that birds run into windows.

  12. awww, that’s kind of sad! Fabulous title though :0)

    Visiting you from SITS–have a great day!

  13. City girl turned Country Girl

    Wow, maybe you outta dirty up that window?!?!

  14. I always knew there was a reason why I don’t clean windows! Thanks for saving me!

  15. So ummm how many birds has your serial killer patio door attacked? Maybe you shouldn’t clean as often….

  16. Poor birdy. Why do they have to be so dumb 😛

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