Welcome to Confessions of a Country Girl

Welcome to Confessions of a Country Girl…Formerly, Bumps In The Road.  I’ve been all over the bloggyland and I’ve come back to WordPress to launch my first ever self-hosted blog.  There really isn’t anything I won’t discuss here on my blog….I’ve been known to bitch about my job (not the work itself….mostly the people I work for and some that I work with), I try to post my weekly blessings on Friday’s…Something I need to get a little bit better about, Tuesday’s are Tasty Tuesday’s and everyday in between I never really know what’s going to be posted until I hit the publish button.

I’ll be bringing all my recipe’s and money tips over from my recently started started cooking blog.  I’m in the process of studying up on blog swaps and hope to host my own swap in the near future.  I’ll be hosting more giveaways as well.  I hope you enjoy visiting my new blog and I hope you come back to visit real soon.


3 responses to “Welcome to Confessions of a Country Girl

  1. Cute site! Keep up the good work! Just wanted to drop by from SITS to say hello!! Hopefully you’ll find some time to stop by mine too 🙂 Happy Friday!!!

  2. Hi! Both dogs are SO CUTE. I take it you wanted a black and white dog. Or did it just work out that way? I hoep everything goes OK with Laci and the new one! 🙂

    BTW, love your new site! 🙂

    • It just kinda worked out that they both happen to be black and white. I guess we’re looking for a smaller lapdog type animal. Our dog who lived to be almost 20 years old was a black and white Lab/Cocker mix and we’re kinda missing the black dog hair….or at least I am anyway.

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