Friday’s Blessings

This week has been a rather interesting week.  I spent two weeks worrying I was going to need a root canal on one of my teeth and when I went in to have the permenant crown put on it turns out I was worrying over nothing.  I sort of don’t like that when that happens….the whole worrying over nothing thing.  It happens I guess.

Tuesday morning shortly after I got home from work I recieved a voicemail from my mom telling me to call her right away when I got home and to look up our local animal shelter on the internet.  Well I did as I was told, cause I do that sometimes, but the cutie my mom sent me after wasn’t up on the webpage.img_2544

The super cute little thing in the photo….that’s Onyx.  Laci and I went out to meet her and put an application in on her but we missed being able to adopt her by about 5 minutes.  Which is fine too.  Good things come to those who wait right?  Well, about 10 minutes after the shelter called to tell me the “Good News and the Bad News” on Wednesday (Good News – I’m approved, Bad News – Didn’t get Onyx) I found Gizmo up on the shelter’s webpage. She had come in as a stray so they don’t really know much about her but we’re going to go meet her on Sunday and hope that everything goes well between her and Laci.

I spent pretty much all of Thursday “dog proofing” our house.  If the meeting doesn’t go well…Well, spring cleaning is done.


2 responses to “Friday’s Blessings

  1. They’re both so cute! Hope you find a good friend for Laci soon.

    • We’re going out to meet Gizmo this afternoon. Hopefully everything goes well and we’ll be a 2 dog household again.

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