Advice Needed

I am looking for advice on how to safely put some weight on our little Gus and how to get her to eat more.  She came into the shelter that we adopted her from as a stray so they don’t know much about her past life at all.  All we really know is that she was probably running for awhile.  When you pet her you can feel every vertabrea in her backbone and I know that’s not healthy.  So she’s defiantley underweight.

In the 4 days that she’s been at our house she’s eaten a grand total of a bowl and a 1/2 of food.  I’ve been moistening her food with a little bit of warm water and that seems to help a little bit.  I’ve tried calling the vet and asking them for advice and because we don’t know much about her history they’re best advice was a little bit of warm water or low sodium chicken/beef broth.

Oh, another thing that we are having trouble with is keeping Laci out of Gus’s bowl.  They are both eating the same brand of dog food and everything but Laci is dieting and hating every minute of it.  Gus hasn’t really had many opportunities to get at her bowl because Laci keeps mowing it down before she can get there to get a little something in her tummy.


3 responses to “Advice Needed

  1. Try hand feeding Gus for a little bit. Thats what we had to do with Buddy. Maybe she will take it from your hand better. It will also build up trust between you and her. You could also try baby food but not too much. Baby cereal. I cook some plain broiled chicken for my dogs because the vet says its OK. Just be sure to mix it up with dog food so that she is getting that too.

  2. Oh and maybe feed the dogs separately for a short time. Maybe Gus is feeling intimidated by Laci’s mowing down.

  3. i was going to suggest the seperattion as well. or specific feeding times, my dog thrives on that. good luck 🙂

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