Making my pets more budget friendly

IMG_0847I’ve posted before that we are now a 2 dog household again.  On Mother’s day we brought home our new dog Augusta or “Gus” and we already had a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel named Laci at that point.  We actually got a second dog because Laci has always had at least 1 companion and we had put our 19 year old Lab/Cocker mix down in November and Laci wasn’t adjusting to single dogdom real well.  So, now that I’ve sidetracked from the orginal point of this post, I think I will get back on task now.IMG_2559

Now that we are a 2 dog household again I am trying to figure out a way to make our girls more budget friendly.  Right now the girls are a little hard on the pocket book, which isn’t a real good thing.  Love them to death…Just have to get them more budget friendly.

Where do I begin….Laci our Cocker Spaniel…Well the vet says she’s tooooo loved and is now dieting.  But now that we’ve brought Gus home she would rather eat Gus’ food than her own.  So we currently have 3 different bags of dog food going around our house (we’re slowly trying to put weight on Gus so we’re adding a little bit of puppy food to her regular kibble to help with that process), so I need to find a food that both dogs like, that’s healthy (to help with Laci’s weight problem) and doesn’t cost a fortune to buy.

The grooming bill is a rough spot too.  Laci HATES being brushed and when we take her to the groomer’s she gets cut into the “Cocker Cut.”  Why we keep getting her cut like this when we know that she doesn’t like being brushed boggles me.  It’s hard to maintain that cut when the dog won’t let you come near her with a brush.  Now  Gus is a little bit easier because she’s smaller.  Actually, when we had her groomed last week (pictures coming soon) the groomer said that her coat was so thick that depending upon how it grows out she could actually stay “short haired” year round.

Since when did dog treats get so expensive and so unhealthy?  It’s almost cheaper to make our own at this point, which I just might do anyway!  Wish me luck!

Well, there’s a start for now.   I’ll be blogging about my journey to be a better money manager so please feel free to check out the other posts on my The Country Girl Talks Money page.



4 responses to “Making my pets more budget friendly

  1. Oh I know what you mean by that because my two little boys are not so easy on the pocketbook either. We feed them both Science Diet (the Lamb flavor seems to be the favorite) and its about 10 dollars a bag. A whole bag seems to last them a whole month. Not the big bag either… the standard bag. For treats, we give them Pupperoni (Lean). As for haircuts, yes, that is the most expensive of all and it drives me crazy. What we do is have them do a complete “puppy cut” and it has turned out real well. Neither are puppies anymore, but the cut still looks good. Those haircuts last about 2 months.

  2. I won’t be much help for you in this department LOL!! I have 3 dogs, Laramie the Sharpei and she has to have a special feed, then we have Georgia and Connor who are both Australian Shepherds and they get Purina…

    Oh here’s an idea…I don’t know where you are located but if you are in a small town or close to one most COOP’s have feed they make and I know that’s not expensive at all!!

  3. Yeah, and so Poverty Bossy has a Great Dane… only the largest breed possible with the exception of Irish Wolfhound. Lucky she doesn’t eat much. Compared to a T-Rex.

  4. OMG CUTE OVERLOAD!!! I would have a hard time telling those faces no.

    ~and this is where I’ll drop my stopping in from SITS comment~*wink*

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