Just a little something

Last night we went and saw ventriliquist Jeff Dunham!  It was an AWESOME show!  My personal favorite puppet is Achmed the Dead Terrorist.  Here’s a little video of Achmed singing “Jingle Bombs.”  Enjoy!

A couple little sidenotes: I have my blog up and running through my personal domain now. This link (https://confessionsofacountrygirl.wordpress.com) still works or you can use my personal domain link (http://confessionsofacountrygirl.com). Also coming up next week: My good mail post, Turning my trash pit back into my bedroom post, and maybe even about 3 weeks worth of blessings.


3 responses to “Just a little something

  1. I.LOVE.JEFF.DUNHAM! Achmed is my fave too. I’d love to see him live.

  2. I have never seen a live ventriliquist, or otherwise, really. I had no idea it could be so entertaining. It’s one profession that if my child said “I want to grow up and become a professional ventriliquist” I would think, who does that? Well, someone does!

  3. I love this guy and his puppets. Especially the jalapeno on a stick bit.

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