I learned something new today!

I learned how to import the posts from my old blogger account into my now self-hosted blog Confessions of a Country Girl. I’m sure that there may be some duplicate posts but that means you’ll have twice the fun reading it right?!


4 responses to “I learned something new today!

  1. eatathomecooks

    I just went through the process of moving my site. I learned all kinds of new stuff! Enjoy your new digs.

  2. LOL, well I am glad you are getting that thing figured out!!! Your much more daring than I!!

  3. It’s always exciting to figure out how things work. My husband has a gift for figuring out how every aspect of a program works. Me? Not so much.

  4. Well done. It’s really enjoyable working things out isn’t it, feels like such a great accomplishment even just a little thing. I think it’s those things that make up the experience. Nice to drop by again.

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