Welcome to the Jungle

I finally got tired of looking at my room in the current condition that it’s in. So I’ve decided this week on my days off I am going to tear it a part and make it a little more presentable. Once you see the picture’s you’ll totally agree with me on this one!

And that right there is photographic evidence of what happens when you just let things go. Hopefully, the “After” photo’s will be MUCH better than the before photo’s.


28 responses to “Welcome to the Jungle

  1. I think we’ve all been there! That’s what the inside of my car looks like way too often!

  2. Good luck on your room, I know I have been there and done that!

    Thanks for stoppin by my blog, have a great day!

  3. Looks like an adventurous place to be. Enjoy making your room more presentable. I am sure you will be happy with your result.

  4. I would curl up in a corner and cry.

  5. Posting your own mess on the internet. What a great way to motivate yourself! Maybe I should start snapping pics of my family room.

  6. my bedroom is the catch all, feung shui says thats bad for love life..

  7. Jeanette@Bliss

    Hi, I found your blog from MaryRC. Good luck with your jungle. I have one that needs tending too. I like the idea of the comment challenge. I just might have to join you.

  8. LOL!! You definitely have your work cut out for you!! Yes we all I am sure have had a room like that at one point in time!! Mine was my office, it was my catch all for mail, mail, mail and lots of other things LOL!! I allowed myself 1 room to not worry about, but I finally got tired of it and cleaned it…It took me 13 hours LOL!! Of course that included going through every piece of mail and every drawer and the closet..Oh lots and lots!! Needless to say it has since stayed spotless!! I am not doing that again LOL!!

  9. Sigh. And that’s what my spare (SPARE! Not even a room I use!) bedroom looks like as I type. I’m feeling your pain over here đŸ™‚

  10. Sorry it took me so long to get to the new blog! Are you happier here? Is it better than blogger? Do tell!

  11. Thanks for stopping by today! I am off to check out more of your blog!

  12. That’s quite a room you have there:) I say just shut the door and sleep in the livingroom.

    Good Luck! You’ll get it done:)

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  14. OHMYGOSH – I’m soooo happy to see that. I thought MY house was out of control, but now I see I can relax! Lol!!

  15. need a hand? when i saw the title i actualy strted humming guns n roses and when the page loaded there it was LOL

  16. Funny, I just posted pics of my kids’ rooms. They have one week to clean up if they want to enjoy their summer. Yeah, I wonder too if that will work:)

  17. I saw your room and laughed because that is what my entire apartment looks like! With four people and only 1.5 bedroom we are squooshed in and desperatly in need of some place to put things. I hired a personal organizer to help with storage ideas and she seemed overwhelmed too! We have tons of stuff and no where to put it. What do the Japanese do?
    Good for you on actually doing something about the clutter. it is hard but so worth it. It is organic and the process NEVER ENDS. That is that part that hurts me…..:)

  18. Hey – how did you sneak in and take pics of my house? LOL
    I swear it just gets like that on its own!

  19. Yup. Totally been there. I’m starting to see a little bit more of that again since the baby’s been here!

  20. These things happen!
    Would love to see the after photos.

  21. I want to see the after pics. And the story. Do you live with roommates? Are their rooms messier?

  22. Wow! Good luck.

  23. Stopping by from SITS. Love the tone of your blog, and these HONEST pictures! Looks like my kids’ rooms and (if we’re being totally honest) mine is headed that way if I don’t take some drastic action! It will be fun to see how it turns out.

  24. Came by from Sits. When did you sneak into my house to take pics? Hahahaha

    Do we need to call Niecy Nash for you?

  25. That looks just like my room, office, garage…etc! So how is the “After” coming along. I could use some inspiration.

  26. I would never be so brave as to show pics of my messy house. Great big pictures of my swollen pregnant belly, no problem, but never my house, ; )
    Looking forward to ‘after!’

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