My “Good Reads” Link

Today I’ve joined the reading “group” Good Reads.  If you want to check out the books that I have read, are reading or will be reading please click on my link in the sidebar.

Plus, I’ll be going through and reorganizing all my links…Should be fun.  It might take me a little while so if you don’t make it in there right away please keep checking back….I more than likely just haven’t gotten you in yet.  Plus I apologize for being a not so great bloggy pal again!  Life is kinda kicking my butt right now.


4 responses to “My “Good Reads” Link

  1. I will have to check out the link in your side bar. Always looking for a new book to read.

  2. Wow, I keep forgetting to update your new blog address on my blog roll so sorry that i’ve been MIA.

  3. I’m reading “My sisters keeper” right now. I’m trying to finish it before the movie comes out. But, like you said, Life is kicking my butt too!

  4. I have a ton of friends on GoodReads and they all swear by it. Happy reading!! 🙂

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