I had a credit card cutting “party”

Last week while I was working on remedying my “jungle” I had myself a little credit card cutting “party.”  The way I see it if I don’t have the cards anymore how am I going to charge to them?….I can’t and that’s totally AWESOME in my happy little world.  “Plastic shopping” has been my downfall for a while now and I’m working on getting rid of that part of my debt as I type this post.

Here are the photo’s of my little “party”:




7 responses to “I had a credit card cutting “party”

  1. Well everyone needs a good reason to party. Now that they are cut you may want to consider a practical use for them. Ice scrapers, paint sample holder they’re any many. Check out just one here.

  2. That is the BEST party ever. It’s amazing how much MORE money a person has when they don’t use credit cards. My husband is ANTI credit cards. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you cut up your OLD NAVY CARD!!!???

    Seriously though, I have NO credit cards, and I tell you, it is the most liberating thing in the world. I only have a car payment to finish off then I will really have more money to play with!

  4. Good for you!!!! You did the right thing.

    It’s good to have 1 credit card….but if you charge make sure you can pay it off the next month. Good to build your credit.

  5. LOL!! That’s great, good way to control that problem!!

  6. Good for you! When Josh and I started our adoption process we wanted to get our credit in order and that meant canceling SEVERAL credit cards. Would you believe with every single card they gave us this huge run around about cancelling it. By the last card I said “I NEED TO CANCEL THIS BECAUSE WE ARE ADOPTING!” and they said ‘oh, ok, no problem!;

  7. yay! That is so great for you.

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