I’m a new hair color!

At 11:30 this morning I walked into my stylist’s salon a dishwater blonde with some left over red hair dye on the ends:


At 1:30 pm when I got home I was this really light blonde color that I really like….AND my hair is “this” close to being shoulder length!


I don’t know if you can really see the difference with the way the lighting is so I’ll try to get a better picture.


4 responses to “I’m a new hair color!

  1. I can see the difference. I LOVE it!!

  2. That is a very pretty colour and cut. I also see the difference. I’m a natural brunette. When I was 17/18 I went to the hairdresser and did an all over blonde rooting. After that to get the blonde ends out, when the roots were showing I died it completetly black. Then out of the blue once, I died my hair myself a reddish colour, which really showed up as a tone closer to yours (orangey)rather than red, and have not died it ever since. The orange colour is growing out, but is still visible.

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