My New Bloggy Pal page

I’ve decided that all of my bloggy pals are going to have there own page.  I’ve already started the page it’s called My Bloggy Pals (Blog Links).  I just started it this morning and don’t have everyone in there yet so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t see your name in there yet.  I’m working on it.


6 responses to “My New Bloggy Pal page

  1. That’s a good idea! I wish I was half as talented as you on the computer.

  2. Girl you have gotten very talented with this blog!!!

  3. That’s a fun idea. I’ll have to go look. I’m used to people just having a list of links to their bloggy friends and friends blogs on the left or right.

  4. Hi. SITS sent me your way:) I would love to be added to your bloggy friends list

  5. It’s looking good! Thank you for your last comment on my blog. It made me feel better. the ‘two steps forward and one step back’ really makes sense.

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