Stupid, Stupid Jamie

Today I had this “super brilliant” idea.  Basically, it was to mow our lawn without suffering heat stroke. Well, the lawn is now mowed and I made it through with out suffering a heat stroke.  But when your thermometer says this:


With a heat index in the mid to upper 90’s….You tend to look like this:


All red-faced an miserable looking….Once you take your hat off you realize that:


Your still red-faced and miserable and your hair has pretty much sweated itself flat down on to your head in some places.

Stupid, Stupid Jamie


9 responses to “Stupid, Stupid Jamie

  1. HAH, its the HAT!! 🙂 I usually like to mow the grass, but not when it is so hot. When I mow in hot weather, my hair likes to tingle my eyes, which is so annoying so I always end up pushing my eyeglasses up to the top of my head, JUST TO KEEP THE HAIR OUT… but then when I take the sunglasses off, it looks like the rollercoaster ride at 6 Flags. All wavy and junk!

  2. Yuck!! That’s to hot for me!! Hope you drank lots of water and are cooled down now 🙂

  3. We couldn’t do anything today because of the heat. I commend you for mowing!

  4. oh no you poor girl. thank god I have a teenager to mow my lawn. My days of looking like that are over til’ my youngest gets moved out. He’s 1 so I am looking at 25 yrs or so.
    stopping in from the sits to say HELLO

  5. Hi there.
    I’m feeling your mowing pain.

    I’m checking in to see if you are interested in doing the Comment Challenge next month.
    Stop by my site and check out the poll or leave me a comment.

  6. Yes it was a hot one here today as well!! Don’t feel bad my J was out mowing and it was 101…

  7. It’s tough because if you do it too early or late when it is actually somewhat nice out then your neighbors might be sleeping ….

  8. Mowed my lawn last night–in the muggie heat. Took 2 hours….and went to my mothers an hour afterwards and I still looked red. I’m not complaining….we’ve been dying for a hot sunny day after all the rain we’ve had.

  9. Oh boy, hope you put on sunblock.

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