Confessions Of A Country Girl part 5

I’ve posted numerous times that I have am trying to better with my money.  Well to be honest, so far I have been failing pretty miserably.  Every time I think I’m headed in the right direction and I take 2 steps forward…something comes along to knock me off course so I end up taking at least 1 step back.  My major problem has been “plastic shopping”….I’ve come to realize that credit cards are more trouble than they are worth.  Let me break it down for you…On 4 credit cards I have racked up roughly $3634.24 in debt.  That doesn’t even include what I still owe on my car and what I still owe my dad for the money he lent me to get my car fixed last December.

My second major problem is that I currently have the mindset that “I have money…I must spend it.”  Unfortunately, I don’t always spend it on the things that I actually need and spend it mostly on things that I really could live without.   I am working on changing my mindset but old habits do die hard sometimes.

I have taken steps to try and correct my behavior though.  I have recently taken to studying various money saving webpages and blogs on the net, I’ve also started cutting coupons,  I’m a BIG TIME reader so I’ve joined to get some of the books that I really want to read (it costs me nothing to request books, but if someone requests one of mine all it costs me is postage), I will be starting to utilize my local library more as well.  I’ve got more idea’s to but this could be a SUPER long paragraph if I share it all with you.

What I’m asking from you is for you to be my support system I guess.  I could really use some “cheerleaders” right now because when I do ALL the math the number just makes me want to vomit.  So to keep me honest I will be occasionally issuing myself challenges and I’ll be posting tickers of ALL my debt.   Please feel free to share idea’s, suggestions, etc. with me…I’m literally all ears at this point.

NOTE: Tickers can be found on my “The Country Girl Talks Money” page. 


10 responses to “Confessions Of A Country Girl part 5

  1. Oh I hear ya. I spend my money before I even have it….

    Guess I’m not much help.

    But I did cancel all my store credit cards, and that helped!

  2. Love the blog, just stopping over from SITS to say HI

  3. Just throw away the plastic my dear!

  4. What I taught my girls was to save save save!!! They are 19 and 21 and just applied for their 1st credit card. I told them they needed to build credit. BUT, only use the card for purchases you can PAY OFF when the bill comes in. I hope they listen.

    My husband & I got ourselves into a similar situation as you when we were young. It’s easy to do. We just cracked down and quit spending…cut up the plastic….all of them…and don’t do any extra curricular activities until they are paid off. Then you can get a new card and be more responsible!!!

  5. It’s hard, but you just need to get to that point where you’re a step ahead. Then it seems so much easier to be responsible.

  6. Just think–cheap is the new chic!

  7. You can do it!! It’s really difficult to learn to be happy without buying things. It’s a complete perspective switch. You have to learn to value your resourcefulness and your wisdom in not spending anything that you don’t have. My husband (who is wiser than I am with money and whose lead I have learned to trust in such matters) is completely uncomfortable without savings, too. BUT once you have a savings buffer and you set aside a little each month for savings, and your credit card debt is gone, you end up having a LOT more money.

  8. I have been trying to keep an eye on money too, but all I seem to be doing is watching it leave. I have a ton of books and if I have one you’d like, you can have it.

  9. Well I sure hope you find the answers you are needing…I think it’s great that you are young and recognizing what can get you into trouble, so you will get a handle on it soon!!

  10. Urg… going through it all with ya- so I am impressed that you are setting goals and trying to stick with them! We need a support group for those of us who feel money burns a hole in the pocket.

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