My first Walgreen’s experience

I’ve been doing a little bit of studying on the web about ways to save money.  One of the ways that really intrigued me was shopping at Walgreens.  We just had a Walgreens open in our town so this idea was really grand to me.  So this morning I made my first Walgreens purchase after I decided that I was going to take some responsibilty for my financial situation.  I didn’t need much…Some shampoo/conditioner and some snacks, but I saved almost as much as I spent.


I got some Pantene shampoo/conditioner…It was 2 for $7 with $2 in RR’s, which made it more along the lines of 2 for $5.  I also got some Pringles which regularly priced are $2.29 a container…I bought 2 for $.99 each.  There was also a Payday candy bar but that didn’t make it out of the parking lot…sorry.  That was $.69.  I spent a grand total of $10.10 and saved $7.20.

I don’t think I did half bad for my first go around.  Going to go do a little more studying so I have a little better understanding of what I’m doing while I’m shopping there though.


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