Advice needed and a little randomness

I need your advice…..We have been having trouble finding a dog food for our girls that doesn’t make one or the other or both for that matter sick. Last week we tried a new food and it made both of our girls VERY sick. So far the only food that they’ve both eaten that doesn’t make either of them sick is Science Diet. Which normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except that buying the dog food is my job and Science Diet isn’t exactly budget friendly.

Here is what we’ve tried:

Solid Gold

Walmart brand (pre-Gus)
Royal Canin

All but the Walmart brand dog food are quality dog foods but we’ve struck out with them all. I am not opposed to feeding the girls Science Diet…I would just have to budget more than we’ve ever spent on dog food.

On to the randomness….I’m thinking that either today or tomorrow (weather permitting) I’m going to go to the zoo. The upside to our local zoo….It’s free admission! Plus, there may be plenty of photo opportunities….got to get my photo’s together for both of the open shows that I am participating in at a couple of local county fairs.


9 responses to “Advice needed and a little randomness

  1. We have had the same problem. Wanna know what finally worked? BJ’s brand dog food. Do you have a BJ’s there? It’s a wholesale store.

  2. I use Royal Canin. I’m no help to you sorry!

    Zoo’s are always fun…and free admission makes it fun-ner!!!

  3. We use Beneful Healthy Weight for Jaco, because everything else gave his wicked (and I do mean WICKED) gas.

  4. I’m sorry, I don’t have a dog.

    But we went to our free zoo yesterday and had a wonderful time. I just love going there, it’s free and the girls have the best time.

  5. Hi Jamie! I’m so sorry to hear that your dogs have not found a food that agrees with them. When you try new stuff, do you introduce it to them gradually, over a week’s time?

    I saw from a previous post that Laci is “weight-challenged.” (Great photos of Laci and Gus–they are adorable!) I don’t want to be pushy, but I work for Iams in Consumer Relations. If you would like, we can help you figure out which of our diets would work best for both dogs. We can also coach you and give you tips on getting Laci back to a healthier weight. We’re at 800-525-4267.

    BTW–I LOVE your taste in books. I’m actually part of a “Twilightaholics” group at work. And Susan Elizabeth Phillips is totally one of my FAVORITE authors. Jane Austin too!

  6. Wonder if ironically the Wal-mart brand would work? My parents had to buy special dog food for their dog or it would have allergies. Pets can be expensive. 😦

  7. Mr. Dublin also has some stinky issues with various foods. The ones that have worked well are:
    Purina little bites (dry)
    Beneful (dry)

    and he loves the beneful wet foods, and Purina One cans(especially salmon flavored, because he prefers cat food)

  8. I always hear Science Diet is a good brand of pet food, but to be completely honest, we just have cats. No dogs. But our vet always recommends it and I can’t imagine they don’t make it for dogs, too. Maybe they don’t. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Good luck!

  9. what about cooking for your dogs? i dont think its any more expensive. turkey and rice, or chicken rice. i feed california natural — no corn. have you tried to find foods without corn or corn products? there are good recipes on line for homemade dog food. i have the kibble and then i do cook for them. the less ingredients in kibble the better. everything has these awful fillers that are no good.

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