Just a quick update….

I decided that I was going to take a little mini bloggy vacation this week….Had a 4 day weekend!….As a result of my mini vaca I have over 400 unread posts in my google reader, I’m WAY behind on my commenting and once again I’m feeling like a bad bloggy friend.

My mom downloaded Brad Paisley’s new CD and I’m LOVING it!  Especially a song called The Pants…It’s about a guy who thinks he wears the pants in his realtionship….Pretty funny!

I’ve been doing some more reading….Right now I’m reading Coop by Michael Perry…..So far from what I’ve read of it anyway….It’s BETTER than Truck.  I was in our local independent bookstore the other day and we got talking about Michael Perry and I have to agree with the owner so far….Mike just keeps getting better the more books that he puts out.

Well, I’m off to try to get a little bit caught up on my commenting!


4 responses to “Just a quick update….

  1. Well hello!! I’ve been missing you here LOL!! Hope you get caught up soon!! And I hope you had a nice relaxing 4 days!!

  2. Blogging is for fun, not as a chore. Don’t beat yourself up about not reading every post of every one’s!

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to say thank you for linking my website on your blog! And I love your blog. Country living is geat:)


  4. Hi,
    Nice blog! I don’t really know what country life is like but I sure do love country music and country accent! It’s really nice!
    I am a blogger as well..My blog is all about poetry! Check it out if you want! myworksandwords.blogspot.com

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