Penny Pinching Tips!

As I’ve blogged about before I am in the process of trying to get myself out of debt and looking for ways to “pinch pennys”…A couple of weeks ago I found this blog called I Am A Money Magnet! and I’ve been learning a whole great big bunch of things from this blog and the others that I frequent on this topic as well.  When I was going through my google reader this morning trying to get caught up, yet again, I found this post and I thought that I would share it with all of you because I know that there are others like me out there who will be reading this.

Here is the post.  And because I’m such an AWESOME bloggy pal……

Recently, I asked readers to share their penny pinching tips. I received some great tips and wanted to put them all in one post to share with you.
My Penny Pinching Tips
-Look for change on the ground! Whenever I’m getting out of my car or walking into a store I keep my eyes peeled for shiny coins (When you find that shiny coin don’t forget to waves your hands in the air and shout “I Am A Money Magnet!)
-Take advantage of prescription gift card offers. This year I’ve gotten $75.00 in giftcards from CVS from taking advantage of this!

-I rarely eat out! I actually prefer cooking/baking things at home because 1) it’s cheaper! 2)it’s fun! and 3) I feel better knowing that it is my hands preparing the food!

-Create a household budget, then stick to it! When you account for every penny coming in and going out you’ll be amazed at how your spending habits will change.

-Set financial goals-both short-term and long-term. It is 100% easier to save (and resist impulse buys)when you have a goal in mind.

Readers Penny Pinching Tips!
• My biggest penny pinching way is to use cold water when I do laundry & hang clothes on the wash line to dry – bonus, it’s earth friendly, too!

• The easiest way I pinch pennies is a combination of being cheap and being lazy. I plan a week’s worth of meals and then stretch it into 2 weeks. We’ll eat PB&J or whatever we can scrounge up.

• My penny pinching tip would be making my own laundry detergent is easier and cheaper than you think.

• I love to clip coupons and match them up with all the deals at the local stores.
• To pinch pennies I stockpile when a deal is really good!
• One of my longtime tips is ripping those dryer sheets in half. I’ve found the softness and static ability to be just the same.
• I pinch pennies by riding my bike to work instead of driving.
• I hang laundry outdoors, clip coupons, shop thrift sales, stock up with double coupons-have boxes full of staples, etc.
• I pinch pennies by using ceiling fans to cool me down instead of the air conditioner. I also charge my cell phone at work instead of the house. 🙂
• Toast the end pieces of bread from the loaf and use food processor to make your own bread crumbs. Add seasoning of your choice-No more buying coating mixes for chicken, chops,etc.
• I charge my laptop battery during off peak hours and use battery power during peak hours.
• Used to rent DVDs from Netflix and Blockbuster but now we borrow exclusively from the local libraries — best deal: $1 for 7 days!
• My husband and I only go out to eat if we have a coupon or a discount to help us. We use coupons and only shop necessary items or what is in the grocery flyer.
• One of my money saving tips is to be a creative gift giver. Also, keep a gift cabinet with things you can use for weddings, baby showers, and little kids birthdays, as well as your own family members. Keeps you from running out and buying things (at full price) at the last minute!
• I wash out old milk jugs and juice bottles and fill them with water and freeze in the deep freezer. It saves on purchasing ice as well as a full freezer uses less energy!
• Penny pinching tip – rather than trying to find exact change, pay for small things with whole dollar amounts and save up the change in a jar at home, then take it to the bank and put it in a savings acct to start earning some interest.
• When it is a good coupon week, I buy many extra Sunday newspapers to get the coupon inserts! Our stores always double and often triple coupons!
• Enter ingredients (that I have in freezer or leftover) in the ALL RECIPES site to find recipes to use up what I have on hand. They have many recipes to try, based on what I have available.
• Making Popsicles out of jello. Box of Jello 40 cents makes 5 Popsicles. (8 cents a popcicle). Less Mess and they last longer!

• I make my on dishwahing soap. The recipe is easy. 1 cup borax,,,,1 cup baking soda. Mix together..use 2 TBSP per load.

• I try to use our glass storage containers when I can over plastic storage bags. Better for the budget and the environment.
• I only buy things I really need and stock up on staples when I get them free or nearly free with coupons.
• My favorite Penny Pinching Tip is to share a ride with someone. Saves gas and it is more fun to have someone to talk to.
• A penny pinching tip is stacking coupons. I can use a store coupon and a manufacture coupon and save even more!!
• Always unplug things when you’re not using them. In my case, this includes the TV. That way, it’s an extra step before I can turn it on, so I usually don’t bother to watch TV and read or go for a walk after dinner instead.
• A Penny pinching tip for me is to internet search coupons for whatever online shopping you are doing; I have almost always found a discount or code!

6 responses to “Penny Pinching Tips!

  1. Great tips! I found that I actually do a lot of these things already! Having a bunch of kids has made me fairly money conscious.

  2. Now that I’m jobless, I have been looking at things like this to do. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the mention. Best of luck learning how to pinch your pennies! In no time it will all be second nature to you 🙂

  4. Interesting idea about the laptop. Never thought about that one.
    Also I totally agree about eating out. The last two times we have eaten out once my dh had a piece of glass in his drink, and the next time I had a large piece of silicone caulk in my drink! I would rather eat at home!

  5. Great tips! I don’t remember to think about the laptop charging and I will start to do that for sure.

  6. Great tips. We do use our cc and pay it off every onth but I am very careful We only put food and gas on it and my dh tracks it and pays it weekly.
    I have been using coupons to deepen my pantry.

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