A Gus Approved Message!


I’ve just spent a few minutes of my morning weeding down my blog roll a little bit.  I think I had entirely way to many blogs in my list that I felt “obligated” to visit so I took some out entirely but most I put in my google reader.  I just wanted to put this message out there so everybody is on the same page.

I’m almost done reading Coop.  I’m pretty surprised that I’ve read so many books right in a row.  I’ve recently come out of a slump where I just didn’t find reading all that fun anymore….But suddenly I’m right back on the wagon again.  Pretty funny how things like that work huh?

We’re having Bread Machine Doughnuts for dinner tonight!  I really do LOVE doughnuts a LOT!

My mom and I took our photography into the Green County fair yesterday morning….I can hardly wait to see how we do!  We started doing the fairs with an open class summer and we both did really well our first time around.  Hoping lighting will strike twice.

Well I’m off to start laundry.



One response to “A Gus Approved Message!

  1. Awesome! Good luck with the photogs! That is exciting!

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