End of the month recap

I’ve finally said enough is enough and I’m working on getting myself out of debt.  I even posted my goals and challenges for the month of July here on the blog.  To say the least….so far I’m realizing it’s harder than it looks to change your own mindset towards money.  I am NOT giving up though….I refuse to give up!

So lets recap the month….

1. I’ve started using cash more often….I have found that when I’m dealing with cash I think through “need” versus “want” a little more.

2. As a result of using cash, I have change….which I’m putting into my cute little whale bank which will then be put into my savings when it’s full.

3. At the beginning of the month I did really well with my “use my debit card as little as possible” goal…I don’t know how it happend but somewhere along about the middle of the month I fell off that wagon pretty hard.

4. In order to get my fill of reading material (I’m on a BIG reading kick right now) I’ve joined Box-O-Books on paperbackswap.com….I highly recommend it!  I’m very pleased with the service so far and it’s pretty cheap too ($8.50 for a whole year….I don’t know about you but I can read a WHOLE LOT of books in that time!)

5.  I still haven’t been to the library yet.

6. I will be organizing my statements, bills, etc. today.

7. I’ve been doing some more studying of the “frugal living” blogs that I have in my google reader….Learning lots….just have to come up with a way to implement the information into my situation.

8. I’ve been trying to visit Life as Mom’s blog on Friday’s which is Frugal Friday to learn what others are doing to cut back, save, etc.

9. I’ve gone so far as to order the book called The Complete Cheapskate by Mary Hunt off of paperbackswap.com after reading a review for it on one of the blogs that contributes to Frugal Fridays.

10. Hoping to become more successful with my August goals and challenges.


7 responses to “End of the month recap

  1. Good for you! You will enjoy Mary Hunts book. I liked it better than Financial Peace! I find her writing style to be very friendly and encouraging! Much success to you and your goal! I look forward to seeing your progress so keep me updated 🙂

  2. I’m proud of you!!! Looks like you are on the right track!

  3. Saving money is hard, but it sounds like you are well on your way!

  4. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction! It can be tough, but so worth it in the end. If you ever need to chat–you’re more than welcome to email me. I’m going through the very same thing! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to Finding Freedom Friday.

  5. awesome! If I can comment — my two cents is … go to the library!! We get all our movies there, and of course, they have books galore. This has been and “entertainment” area we’ve been able to almost completely remove from our budget thanks to the library!!! Keep up the great work.

  6. It is hard. I am in the same spot so I understand what you are going through. It sometimes seems I am moving 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
    But I know that we can do it. I see people getting out of debt all around me. My biggest obstacle is myself.

  7. I find cash-only to be extremely effective!

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