August Goals and Challenges

BWHogBackBridgeLast month I posted a bunch of goals and challenges for myself to try to accomplish during the month of July.  Let’s just say it’s easier said than done.  But I am NOT about to give up….I refuse to give up….I NEED to get myself out of debt!

1. Consolidate my trips to save gas/money.

2. Use my debit card as little as possible.

3. Continue to use cash….I am able to distinguish “need” versus “want” better when I’m paying with cash.

4. Continue to fill my whale bank with the change from paying with cash.

5. Continue to come up with a bi-weekly budget the Tuesday that my check is available for viewing.

6. Open an ING savings account…The intrest rate on an ING savings account right now is 1.40%, which is considerably more than my regular savings intrest rate.

7. Read The Complete Cheapskate.

8. Hopefully get new brakes and rotors put on my car.

9. Continue to put a little more $ towards credit card debt.

10. Continue to put a little more $ into my savings.


4 responses to “August Goals and Challenges

  1. WOW big list LOL!! I hope your doing well with it!! You have great determination!!

  2. Getting out of debt can seem like a very long road. But it is so worth it at the end!!!!

  3. I am the same way. When I use cash it’s like it’s “real” money or something.

  4. Great goals! How are they coming along?

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