I am SOOOO NOT loving wordpress

Why does my blog hate me?!  I’ve been out trying to leave comments out there in the blogosphere and wordpress is giving me all sorts of crap about my openID!  If this keeps up I may just get pissed off enough to “divorce” wordpress AGAIN!  It should NOT be this hard to comment on people’s blogs!


3 responses to “I am SOOOO NOT loving wordpress

  1. I’ve been having the same problems, but I didn’t think it was a problem with OpenID but rather with Blogger. I only have problems on Blogspot blogs…recently I can’t comment with WordPress but I can comment with just the plain OpenID. Or I just use Name/URL. A hassle, but because I divorced Blogger earlier this year I just blame it on him 🙂

  2. That’s irritating! Blogger does weird things, but I figure at least I expect and know its flaws. Scared to try anything new with other problems!

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