Corn, Wii Fits….Oh My!

BWCornA couple of months ago I bought myself a Wii Fit.  I’ve been wanting one since they first came out and I finally got one.  Only problem is that since I’ve gotten it I’ve managed to screw up my left knee….needless to say I haven’t been using it recently because my knee occasionally bothers me.

When I threw myself on the scale yesterday….I was NOT happy to see the number.  Now I’m going to force myself to finally start using my Wii Fit.

If Betty can do it so can I!  Chat at you all later!  Gotta get some sleep for work tonight…



5 responses to “Corn, Wii Fits….Oh My!

  1. I have fun playing on my sisters, but I know myself well enough to know I’d use it the first week and then it would sit there lonely for who knows how long!

  2. Love the corn shot.

    Good luck with the Wii fit.

  3. Nice corn photo. And as for the Wii Fit, I agree with Kimberly — after a few tries it would probably end up in the closet!! 🙂

  4. hmmmm…I just noticed….am I a bug or a bee??

  5. Did you know that there is a condition that they have dubbed “wii knee”?! For serious. Google it. =)

    Hope you feel better soon!!

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