I almost quit….

I almost quit blogging!  While I was at work one night someone somewhere hacked into my wordpress account and posted some pretty horrible and highly inappropriate content on my blog….good thing I caught it while on my break and got it deleted before anyone (hopefully) saw it.  If you haven’t noticed I’ve been in kind of a bloggy funk lately….There are things that are going on in my life, as well as with my blog that are just making me crazy!  All the problems that I’ve been having with wordpress are making Blogger look at that more appealing to me again!  The only downside is that if I moved again I would need to make new bloggy friends….but to be honest….it seems to me that I was able to make new bloggy friends easier when I was on Blogger.  So many things to consider…so little time.



5 responses to “I almost quit….

  1. I have been in a funk lately too. Yesterday, I kept yelling at Matt to think up something funny that happened to us.

    You know that whatever you use, I’ll find you and be your friend.

  2. Do it, come join the dark side!

  3. I had a hacked post once. It was mortifying. I think on my SIL saw it and called up like 2 minutes after it was posted and told me. I guess nothing is completely secure.

    Well, the nice thing about blogging is that you can do it some days, and if you don’t do it for a while it is still there for you when you want to come back and write some more. 🙂

  4. Take a break maybe, but do come back!

  5. I just found you, via SITS. It’s sucky that you’re forced to consider relocating. Who could blame you? I guess after you weigh it out, you’ll make a good decision. Much luck in the future, wherever that is:)

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