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Hi everybody!

We’ve been having some computer issues so I haven’t been able to blog for a few days. Now that we’ve got the computer issue figured out I’m off get caught up on my google reader….have 697 unread posts in there….and visit everybody.


My New Bloggy Pal page

I’ve decided that all of my bloggy pals are going to have there own page.  I’ve already started the page it’s called My Bloggy Pals (Blog Links).  I just started it this morning and don’t have everyone in there yet so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t see your name in there yet.  I’m working on it.

I’ve been a bad bloggy friend

I apologize for being such a “bad” bloggy friend lately.  Life has been seriously kicking my butt lately.  So a little recap of what’s been going on with me.  On the work front….Things have been pretty interesting to say the least.  Our new ETL (Executive Team Lead) is doing really well and actually helps out around the sales floor….In short so far she’s A OK.  We’re headed in to our second busy season of the year…Back to School.  Which leads to short on help and even shorter tempers.

On the home front….Nothing all that exciting has been going on.  I’ve been doing a bunch of reading, currently reading Wisconsin author Micheal Perry’s book Truck: A Love Story.  I’ve even joined paperbackswap.com and good reads .  I’ve actually got my first book on it’s way from paperbackswap.com.  I can hardly wait until it gets here.  As I’m writing this post, in a seperate window I’ve got paperback up and I’m adding all of Louis LAmour’s books to my wish list….I’m a big Louis LAmour fan.

I’ve restarted knitting my aunt’s afghan that’s part of her Christmas present. Not as far as I’d like to be on it but stuff happens right.

It’s hotter than Hades here for the next few days.  Even have had a few not so pretty storms too.

The mock up of my new blog header

Check this out!  This is the mock up of what will soon be my new blog header here at Confessions of a Country Girl!  Nap Warden is my designer and is doing a WHOLE BUNCH of custom illustrations for me too.


I learned something new today!

I learned how to import the posts from my old blogger account into my now self-hosted blog Confessions of a Country Girl. I’m sure that there may be some duplicate posts but that means you’ll have twice the fun reading it right?!

Please help this family kick Cancer’s ass!

I was checking in on my comment support group SITS this morning when I came across a shout out for one of our SITSah’s who’s little boy has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  This is a terrible thing to happen to any family but take a looksie at this cutie, his story is posted in the link (click on SITSah or on the photo):


I’m passing this along because the family is asking for help from us the bloggy community.  Some have donated money but if you can’t donate money, please consider twittering, blogging, just getting the word out there.  Any help is greatly appreciated by this family.

Lookie here!

It’s the new New Moon movie poster!  I can hardly wait to see this movie!

new moon


P.S. I took a little mini bloggy vacation.  I’m happy to be back but I more than likely will only be posting during the week.  On the weekends I like to come home from work, walk the dogs and fall down and go to sleep.  Have an AWESOME day everybody!